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Baccalaureate NEW

From September 2021, the Lycée français international de Reus has extended its educational offer to include the Baccalaureate providing a unique and different education in the province of Tarragona: the French Baccalaureate in four languages. A world class diploma.

The French Baccalaureate is a renowned diploma, a true international passport.

The French baccalaureate includes the European honours scheme in English.

Pupils are able to choose 3 subjects out of the 7 on offer:

This is an innovative educational programme (4 hours of English language and 1 hour of history and geography in English) which will enable pupils to reinforce their language skills and deepen their knowledge of English culture.

LFIR pupils grow and learn in four languages from pre-school onwards. Throughout their journey, they benefit from an ambitious language policy and numerous exchange programmes , and possibilities to travel.  Which take them from Rhode Island (USA) to Paris (FR), the UK and other French lycées around the world (ADN programme).

The European English Section fits perfectly into our philosophy: we train young future citizens to observe, analyse and debate.  Once they have developed their critical thinking skills they are able to reason, converse, discuss, collaborate and put forward ideas… in four languages!

Students coming from another educational system will have to prove that they have the DELF B2 certificate to apply to enter the 1ère class. They will be interviewed in French and English.