Dos culturas, cuatro lenguas, un futuro

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10 good reasons

1. International qualification: At the end of their schooling, our pupils obtain both diplomas, which opens the door to any university in Spain, France or the United States.

2. Multilingualism from the age of 3. The Lycée français international de Reus offers teaching in 4 languages: French, Catalan, English and Spanish. All our teachers are native speakers from Preschool to Baccalaureate.

3. Language certificates. Our students obtain Cambridge certificates (from A1 to C1) and CIEP (Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques – DELF/DALF).

4. A school network that is unique in the world, with 120 years of history and experience: the Mission Laïque Française. 108 educational establishments throughout the world, more than 61,000 pupils in 37 countries.
A network that allows mobility and ensures continuity of schooling for our pupils.

5. Humanistic and personalised training. Our innovative and ambitious educational project enables the development of a critical spirit, open-mindedness, reasoning and trains our pupils to become citizens of the world. Furthermore, from the earliest years, we work on the potential of each child, developing their autonomy, adaptability and social responsibility.

6. Continuity in the same school from 3 to 18 years of age. All of this is done on the same premises and with personal knowledge of the pupil to facilitate follow-up and guidance.

7. Openness to the world. We organise international exchange projects in the United States, Paris (France), the United Kingdom and other French secondary schools around the world (ADN programme) to encourage mobility and openness among pupils. We also participate in local projects, festivals and cultural traditions.

8. An exceptional environment. The Lycée is located on a large site and its spaces are adapted to every age group.

9. Careers guidance and access to further education. The teachers and management team provide individual guidance to each student and family to help them choose the best option for their future after the Baccalaureate.

10. Innovation. The constant improvement of our project includes the continuous training of our teachers. The international network to which we belong, Mission Laïque française, provides a wide range of courses and practical training. Neuroscience, digital projects, the use of new technologies, emotional education and the detection of high abilities in pupils are among the subjects covered.